Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Be and Just Blog

How is that for a new mantra for now? Since I have taken a long long break from blogging (read writing, thinking, living?), I decided now is a good enough time to (re)start blogging. After all, did you know that I am really really good at writing and I have wonderful, extraordinary things to share with all you guys out there. My life is just amazing, so how can I be so selfish and not share it with all of you? For example, the hottest thing that happenned in my life in the recent past is that my maid ran away and I became the full time maid and nanny (come mother, of course) for my kids for two whole months. Can you just beat that! This incident snowballed into a series of events, leading to the most interesting sequence of events, not to mention all the introspections and revelations about my own self that came with it. And the best part was that I even lost 4 kilos of my post pregnancy weight in the process.
Now is all this sounding too mundane for what I said was an interesting life? Does "interesting" mean something that is out of ordinary? The desire to stand out, to not just be another brick in the wall, to be special - where does it take you? If I told you I went hiking in the Himalayas and rafting through the Ganges or trekking into the Grand Canyon or bungee jumping somewhere, will that make this post more interesting? None of that was a hundredth as challenging as dealing with the gymnastics that my mind went through in the past one month. I understood my weaknesses and strengths as never before, learnt to penetrate the comfort layers that I had created and had long forgotten that they existed. I realised what I thought I had achieved using my own skills and abilities was nothing but sheer grace working in my life. I am glad I was put through the grill, grateful in fact. More again, later..dropping off to sleep now...